IATT Option B/B+ M&E Framework


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The Interagency Task Team on the Prevention and Treatment of HIV Infection in Pregnant Women, Mothers and Children (IATT) is pleased to release the Monitoring & Evaluation Framework for Antiretroviral Treatment for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Living with HIV and Their Infants (IATT Option B/B+ M&E Framework). IATT partners intend this document as a tool for national programmes expanding PMTCT Option B/B+ treatment approaches.

Why was the IATT Option B/B+ M&E Framework developed?

Over the past decade, Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) programmes have rapidly evolved from delivering a single prophylactic drug to mothers to providing lifelong care and treatment for both mothers and children living with HIV. Lifelong treatment approaches—widely known as ‘Option B+’—are expanding from pilots to universal implementation as revised national treatment guidelines are scaled up across generalized epidemic settings. As service delivery programmes expand lifelong treatment approaches, data systems which collect, report and use routine and enhanced programme information must be strengthened to identify programme successes and challenges.

What is the IATT Option B/B+ M&E Framework?

The IATT Option B/B+ M&E Framework contains 3 sections that provides guidance on:

  1. routine monitoring of lifelong care and treatment for pregnant and breastfeeding women living with HIV and their children which outlines the core indicators and key questions for all MNCH and HIV Care and Treatment facilities;
  2. enhanced monitoring to assess program quality and identify issues needing targeted intervention; and
  3. conducting evaluations and operational research to assess outcomes and effectiveness of national programmes.

Targeted Audience:

  • National M&E officers
  • PMTCT, paediatric, MNCH and HIV Care and Treatment programme managers
  • Other stakeholders (including donors, implementing partners, and civil society) in countries with generalized HIV epidemics and countries implementing the Option B/B+ approach to treatment.

How to Use the IATT Option B/B+ M&E Framework?

Using this framework, stakeholders can review, adapt and update current monitoring systems and continuously evaluate programmes, maximizing the potential impact of lifelong treatment programs to improve health outcomes and prevent HIV infections for women, their children and their families.

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Feedback on the IATT Option B/B+ M&E Framework

For further information or if you have questions about the document, please contact the IATT M&E Working Group co-chairs: Jamie Houston at   vie3@cdc.gov; Nanda Putta at nputta@unicef.org; and Fatima Tsiouris, fao2001@cumc.columbia.edu.