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    Date shows change since 2009
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    Date shows change since 2009
  • 77%
    Date shows change since 2009
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    Date shows change since 2009
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How the world joined together to end AIDS for children

At the turn of the century, and the beginning of the Millennium Development Goals, an HIV diagnosis was equivalent to a death sentence for most children and their families in low-income countries. But now, an early diagnosis paired with treatment and care can ensure long healthy lives, regardless of location, and can help prevent transmission of HIV to others. Since 2000, thirty million new infections were prevented, nearly eight million deaths averted, and fifteen million people living with HIV are now receiving treatment.

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IAS 2016: Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free

During the IAS Conference in Durban, UNAIDS, PEPFAR, and partners will continue to roll out their Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free initiative that was officially launched after the U.N. High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS in June. This …
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IAA 2016

IAS 2016: Workshops and Panels Featuring IATT Partners

Several IATT partner organizations are hosting workshops at next week’s AIDS 2016 Conference in Durban. Information about the conference including the programme and mobile applications can be found here. Pre-Conference The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (CCABA) and The Teresa …
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AIDS 2016: online programme and other resources available

The entire AIDS 2016 programme is available online. In addition to the main conference sessions, the online programme allows users to search for pre-conference events and planned sessions in the Global Village, and save specific events in their personalized itinerary. …
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