Our goal is to add to the growing body of knowledge on eliminating new pediatric HIV infections by providing the most up to date resources on key technical and programmatic issues related to EMTCT. We intend to reach policymakers, program implementers and community leaders who are working towards the Global Plan. Resources will be updated weekly.

Resource Categories: Promising Practices

Governments Fund Communities

Six country experiences of financing community responses through governmental mechanisms. UNAIDS. June 2016.

IATT ICASA 2015 session: Community

From Clinic to Community: mothers2mothers bridges the gap | Khanyisile Mavimbela, mothers2mothers

IATT ICASA 2015 session: Adolescent

Access to care and mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV amongst Adolescents: findings from three national surveys (2010, 2011, 2012), South Africa | Ms. Trisha Ramraj, South African Medical Research Council

IATT ICASA 2015 session: Paediatrics

Good for the baby, Good for the mother: Uganda’s innovative approaches to close gaps in HIV testing and retention for HIV-exposed and-infected children | Dr. Eleanor Namusoke-Magongo, MOH Uganda

IATT ICASA 2015 session: Maternal

Putting the plus into B+: Learning from the Zimbabwe national program on how to make the most of Option B+ by retaining women in care and providing services to the whole family | Dr. Angela Mushavi, Zimbabwe MOH

IATT ICASA 2015 session: Overview presentation

Reaching for Elimination of MTCT and closing the treatment gap for children: Reviewing our successes and reflecting on our challenges | Dr. Shaffiq Essajee, WHO (Geneva)

IATT ICASA 2015 session: New perspectives in the prevention, treatment and care of HIV in children and adolescents – where do we go from here?

Session flyer with agenda

PMTCT in Humanitarian Settings: Part I Lessons Learned and Recommendations

PMTCT in Humanitarian Settings: Part II Implementation Guide

UNICEF and WHO Prevent and protect: Linking the HIV and child protection response to keep children safe, healthy & resilient – promising practices: building on experience from Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Published by UNICEF and World Vision International, this report documents country level approaches from Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe that link child protection interventions to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, resulting in improved impacts on both HIV outcomes and decrease child abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect.